May 27, 2016


wip, 6x6", oil on Ampersand textured gessobord

Leaving this attempt be, and taking away what I learned from it.  Sounds like life eh?!  I think I'll try this in acrylic and on a smoother board, as well as getting rid of those grid lines before I start.  This was with Gamblin oils - they are like butter and just beautiful in their rich pigment, but due to my tendency to paint thin, I realized they don't cover as well as the water-soluble oils I've been using.  I also didn't do a burnt umber wash to start which I normally do, as I wanted to see how the texture of this gessobord picked up the paint (and...ahem...I just wanted to GET ON WITH IT).  Perhaps that didn't help the grid line situation.  At any rate, I'm happy with the composition and looking forward to the next attempt!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!