Jun 2, 2016


Solitude, 6x6", oil on canvas on wood panel

I've always found it interesting how solitude is such a different experience for each person you meet.  Some people fear it; it means loneliness, boredom, or vulnerability.  For others it can mean space and breathing room and rejuvenation or contemplation without distraction.  Artists are notoriously introverted, which is in many ways our downfall as the last thing we want to do is actually talk about or promote our artwork - especially to people we don't even know, eek!  I'm certainly one of those people and have always struggled with sharing my work.  The internet is a wonderful thing for us introverts, whether we are writers or painters or sculptors etc...because we can just put it out there and then close that computer tab and pretend we didn't just do such a crazy thing and get back into our room with our tools and our paint (or whatever it is we use to create).

In the rest of life, I'm actually glad for this part of my personality and think of it as an advantage.  None of us can escape periods of alone-ness or solitude at times, and for that I'm lucky that even as a child it seemed like a precious gift: time to think, to imagine, to plan, to daydream, to recuperate or heal, to recalibrate.  

Diane Hoeptner wrote a really neat ebook on the topic of introversion as an artist and ways to work with yourself, not against yourself.  I highly recommend it. 

May your day be peaceful with some time to daydream!